Easy Glazed Carrots

This simple method of cooking carrots produces silky, sweet carrots without any effort. Here’s the drill. Place your carrots in a small pot – it doesn’t matter if you use baby carrots or carrots you’ve peeled. Put enough water in the pot to come up about halfway up the carrots. Then add some butter. 1/2 … Read more

CSA: A Season in Review

We signed up for a CSA for the first time this year. The idea is you buy a “share” from the farmer and then each week you go and pick up your portion of that week’s harvest. I was lucky enough to find Root Down Farm, which is 15 minutes from my house and which … Read more

CSA Update

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CSA Update

We joined a CSA this year and I have been going every week to pick up my share. While we were away, my mom got my share. We’re now at the point in the year where I bring home bags and bags each week. This week I came home with a quart of potatoes, onions, … Read more

News at the CSA

We joined a CSA this year so we could get local, organic vegetables. So far it has been spectacular. I am rarely able to use it all up in one week. We’ve enjoyed many types of greens (tat soi, vitamin greens, arugula, spinach, kale), lots of lettuce, cukes, kohlrabi, squash, broccoli, scallions, chard, turnips, and … Read more


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We picked up our first share from our CSA from Root Down Farm this week. Wow! We got 2 heads of lettuce, 2 bunches of radishes, 2 bunches of bok choy, 2 bunches of broccolini, 2 bunches of broccoli raab, and a big plastic produce bag of mixed greens: kale, arugula, tot soi (no idea … Read more

Asparagus with Bleu Cheese

We eat a lot of asparagus here since my dad has an asparagus bed. Soon there will bags of it being sent over here. While I love it, I’m always looking for new ways to make it. This recipe is so easy and really tasty: 1 bunch asparagus, trimmed 1/4 cup light bleu cheese dressing … Read more

Asparagus with a Creamy Mustard Sauce

I’m always looking for ways to make vegetables more exciting, hoping to entice my kids and husband into not only eating them, but enjoying them. My latest attempt was to dress up asparagus and it was quite successful. 1 bunch asparagus 1/4 cup light sour cream 1 1/2 tsp mustard (I used a ground mustard, … Read more

Carrots, Rutabaga, and Parsnip with Birch Syrup

Here’s a fun, easy recipe with a bit of an ingredient twist. I picked up a bottle of birch syrup on our summer trip to Alaska. It’s like maple syrup, but thinner and not as sweet. It’s got a really interesting flavor and is terrific on fish, chicken, and as I have just discovered, vegetables. … Read more

“Stuffed” Artichokes

I ate a lot of artichokes as a kid, back when none of my friends knew what they were, so I’m quite fond of them. They’re not the easiest thing to cook though – you have boil them for a long time and then your house smells like artichokes. I came up with a solution … Read more

Open Sesame Asparagus

My father has an asparagus patch, so in the spring, we have lots of asparagus to use. And I am always looking for news ways to make it. Recently I decided to make it with a sesame flavor and was thrilled with my no-mess, no-pot results 1 bunch asparagus, trimmed 1/4 tsp toasted sesame seeds … Read more