Brette Sember

Welcome to Putting It All on the Table, where I do in fact, put it all on the table. This is my blogging home where my interests are gathered in one place – food, travel, books, decorating, collecting, gardening, organizing, and sometimes some unrelated topics.

I began my blogging life at MarthaAndMe.net, where I earned a reputation as being particularly honest about my food and decorating experiences. I often posted with my disasters or failures and my readers told me it was one of the things they liked the most—that the projects on my blog weren’t perfect and sometimes I tried recipes that didn’t work. All of the content from MarthaAndMe has been rolled into this blog.

I’ll be talking about my travels, books I love, travel shopping, decorating projects, organizing, new products I sampled, things I’ve cooked, and my gardening failures (of which there are, unfortunately, many). And I hope to keep you informed about my own publishing adventures, as I add books to my byline. I have a tendency to be open about my opinions, so you can be sure I will continue to put it all on the table.

I hope that this will be a place where you can feel as if you can put it all on the table too. Share your own experiences, thoughts, and reactions with me.


Brette Sember is the author of more than 40 books (see the list here) and is a freelance writer, indexer, content provider, editor, copyeditor, ghostwriter, and consultant. She’s a former attorney who turned to writing and never went back.

She is the author of The Original Muffin Tin Cookbook, Leftover Love: 52 Creative Recipes for Using Your Leftovers, The Parchment Paper Cookbook, The Organized Kitchen, as well as many business and self-help law books, textbooks, and books about divorce and parenting. She provides content for many sites, blogs, and companies, including LegalZoom, Avvo Stories, several ad agencies, and many more. Brette is also a book indexer, ghostwriter, and consultant. She is a wife, mom of two, and dog mom of two. Her web site is BretteSember.com.