CSA Update

Posted by Brette in Gardening

We joined a CSA this year and I have been going every week to pick up my share. While we were away, my mom got my share. We’re now at the point in the year where I bring home bags and bags each week. This week I came home with a quart of potatoes, onions, 14 tomatoes, squash, zucchini, beets, carrots, cucumbers, Swiss chard, green pepper, kale, a big bag of lettuce greens, a watermelon and U-pick beans and cherry tomatoes. I also picked some dill and cilantro.

Our CSA also has a U-pick flower section, which I am taking advantage of every week and am really, really loving. This week I brought home enough for two beautiful bouquets. These flowers last at least a week, so I always have fresh flowers now. I need to buy a nice big basket to use when I go to pick them. It makes me so happy to have fresh flowers in the house.

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