Have You Tried…Sunchokes?

Sunchokes, also called Jerusalem artichokes, are something I had never tried before. I ran across them in the grocery store recently and brought them home. They look kind of like a round ginger root when raw. I researched how to use them. I ended up quartering them and tossing with olive oil, garlic, and salt … Read more

Have You Tried…Mango Spritz Vinegar?

Meet my new obsession. I stumbled across this little bottle in the grocery store by chance and it intrigued me, so I brought it home. I’m using it on everything. It tastes like a fruity lemon juice with lots of nice mango flavor. It is fantastic on fish. It is also really great on vegetables, … Read more

Have You Tried….Korean Butter Pears?

I recently brought home some Korean Butter Pears from the grocery store to try. In the past, I’ve had something that looked similar, but wasn’t quite as big as this and was not called a butter pear. We sampled them one night for dessert. The skin has the texture of a pear, kind of thick … Read more

Have You Tried…Cultured Butter?

Cultured butter is made from fermented cream and has live cultures in it. It has a stronger taste than regular butter, one that I find very tasty. It is somehow more “buttery” tasting. This is actually how butter used to be made – cream was collected for several days before it was churned into butter. … Read more

Have You Tried…Ceramic Pans?

I have always used non-stick pans. I even once had a set of pots that were non-stick. But they don’t last forever – the non-stick coating peels off — and even more frightening, non-stick pans release toxic fumes. Eek. If I’m cooking organic food, why am I using a pan that could be toxic? I’ve … Read more

Have You Tried…Naan Bread?

Naan bread is very familiar to people who enjoy Indian food. I admit I am not a big Indian food fan. I don’t know what is spicy and what isn’t, so it makes it hard for me to figure out what to order. I do love tandoori chicken, however. Naan, though, is an Indian food … Read more

Have You Tried… Ponzu?

I recently discovered ponzu just by happenstance when I saw it on the shelf in the Asian section of my grocery store. I had never heard of it so I picked up the bottle to read what it was. I ended up bringing a bottle home to try and really, really love it. Ponzu is … Read more

Have You Tried…Tomato Paste Tubes

This is one of things where I find myself asking “what took them so long?” My fridge has long been a wasteland of tomato paste cans with one tablespoon scooped out, the rest left to die. I never use an entire can and it seems every time I need some, I have to open a … Read more

Have You Tried…Yogurt Cheese

Have you tried yogurt cheese? I actually made Martha’s version of yogurt cheese a while ago, and it was a disaster. That didn’t stop me from buying some in the deli department when I found this organic version. I really, really like it. And you get the added benefit of probiotics from it. It’s a … Read more

Have You Tried…Parsley Root?

I ran into this new entry in the produce department and couldn’t resist. I paid $4.99 for the bunch, but wait! Not only do you get the roots, but the tops are just regular parsley, so it’s like getting a bunch of that too. I peeled the roots and roasted them with some carrots (about … Read more