Have You Tried…Ceramic Pans?

Posted by Brette in Have You Tried?

I have always used non-stick pans. I even once had a set of pots that were non-stick. But they don’t last forever – the non-stick coating peels off — and even more frightening, non-stick pans release toxic fumes. Eek. If I’m cooking organic food, why am I using a pan that could be toxic? I’ve worried about this for several years, but couldn’t find a solution. Cast iron just does not appeal to me. It’s so heavy and not as nonstick as I really like.

Recently I hit upon a solution – ceramic pans. I bought a GreenPan from HSN.com and fell in love with it. It’s made of ceramic with non-toxic materials and is nonstick. I bought 2 more and I’m sold. They are more non-stick than my non-stick pans were and I am in love! There are other brands of these you can find online and I may explore other brands as I add to my collection.

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