Have You Tried…OXO Good Grips Greensaver Produce Keeper

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producekeepter2For many years I have struggled with a deep dark secret. The stuff in my fruit and veggie drawers in my fridge rot. No matter how hard I work to use it all up, stay on top of it and clean it out, I invariably end up with something rotten in one of those drawers. Strawberries are one of the worse. A container of strawberries seems to last maybe 4 days if I’m lucky. After that they get mushy spots and then mold starts to grow. I desperately need to have a variety of fresh fruit around to encourage healthy eating so I’m not going to stop buying strawberries.

I decided to try the OXO Good Grips Greensaver. This plastic container has a removable basket in it and a carbon filter that absorbs the ethylene gas that causes produce to rot so quickly. I was amazed to find I can keep strawberries twice as long in this container – at least a week. Because of that, I highly recommend it, with a producekeeper1few caveats.

First of all, I bought the small size and it doesn’t hold an entire container of berries. About 5-6 won’t fit in it. The lid is also deceptive since it is a thick lid and takes up space inside the container, so I always misjudge how much it will hold. The other downside is you have to replace the carbon filter every 90 days. OXO lets you sign up on their site for reminders about that if you wish.

Once my filter runs out, I am contemplating buying producekeeper3either a bigger size or switching to a different product that can just be placed in the drawer itself and will reduce the gas inside the entire drawer, such as these BluApple filters. But I’m completely sold on the carbon filter concept.

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