Have You Tried Livionex Toothpaste?

Posted by Brette in Have You Tried?

livonexI’ve never gotten excited about toothpaste before, but Livionex has me excited. This amazing toothpaste blasts off plaque – they say it is 2.5 times more effective than other toothpastes and I believe it. After you use it, you feel like you’ve just had your teeth cleaned at the dentist’s office. Your teeth are shiny, smooth, and have that squeaky clean feeling. It is incredible. I bought a tube for everyone in my family and we are all in love with this. I’m using it once a week and am finding a huge difference in how clean my teeth are. As someone who makes a lot of plaque (or so my dentist tells me), I’m thrilled to have a way to combat it. It’s also a very good thing for members of my family with gum disease. I stumbled upon this in a little sidebar in a magazine and am surprised it’s not getting more press because it is making a very big difference for all of us. [As always, I bought this product myself and am not being paid to write about – I just think it’s incredible and want to share].

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