Make Your Scrambled Eggs Fluffier

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scrambled eggsI am super picky about eggs. Each type of egg prep has its own specific rules for me. When it comes to scrambled eggs, I do not like wet, partially uncooked eggs. But I also don’t like them dry. Achieving this is a fine line to walk.

The solution? Butter. I know you’re thinking this sounds high fat, but it’s not. Here’s the deal. Put two eggs in a bowl. Then take a knife and make super tiny thin scrapes along the edge of a cold stick of butter. We’re talking paper thin transparent scrapes. I know that in this photo it looks like a lot of butter, but it’s barely 1/8 of a tablespoon. Scramble the eggs with the butter and pour them in a pan that’s been sprayed with oil (I use my trusty olive oil Misto for this!). Cook over medium high heat. Let the eggs sit until it looks like they’re starting to set on the bottom, then scramble them, moving them around to get them to cook evenly. Take them out of the pan once the egg is completely set, but before anything browns. The result is fluffy, moist, scrambled eggs2perfect scrambled eggs.

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