Don’t Make This for Dinner

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Bacon Bomb

I gave into my baser instincts. I saw the video on this page (use Google and let it translate the page for you) and I had to make it. Had to. I know, it’s over the top. It’s outrageous. But it is made with my two favorite things in the whole world – potatoes and bacon. You must watch the video.

Ok, so you watched it, right? The recipe calls for a mere 45 slices of bacon. 45! I didn’t make the recipe or at least I didn’t make it in that volume. Instead of using a cast iron pan, I used two mini pie pans. I put about 6 slices of bacon in each, with each piece of bacon having overlap on each side so it could meet in the middle. Then I filled the center with sliced potatoes. I sprinkled a little onion powder on them and some salt

Bacon Bomb

and pepper and some grated cheddar cheese. I put the mini pie pans on a baking sheet and baked them at 340 degrees for about two hours.

The result was insane. Totally insane. Super crispy bacon surrounding amazingly soft potatoes with melted cheddar cheese. It was a once in a lifetime calorie and fat bomb. Make it once just so you can say you did. Then put it out of your mind. If you can.

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