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recipeI’ve always kept my recipes in binders. I have different binders for different categories (entrees, breads, cakes and pies, cookies and other desserts, and then other). Each binder is divided into subcategories (for example, the other binder has apps, soups, veggies, potato, pasta, condiments, beverages and more). Once I started my blog, many of the recipes I created ended up being posted there, as well as recipes I’d tried and blogged about. I find it really convenient to just come to my blog and search for the recipe I want. However, the bulk of all of my recipes are in the binders. And sometimes it takes me forever to find something since the recipes themselves are not alphabetized or sorted in any way. Often I just kind of know where the recipe I am looking for is placed within the section, but sometimes I page through endlessly trying to find something.

So I’ve concluded I need to convert to a more modern system. But what? Here’s what I’m contemplating:

  • I could scan in every last page I have and then save them by name and create folders for the different categories. It would take me months to scan in the recipes in those giant binders though.
  • I could start to save recipes digitally now so that at least moving forward things will be easy to access, and just leave the print recipes in the binders. That makes it hard to know where to look when I want a specific recipe though.

A big sticking point for me is that when I want to find a recipe I am usually in the kitchen. My computer is upstairs. Yes, I could save it all to Google Drive, but I find that things can be hard to see on my phone, particularly if I’m looking at a scan. I could use Evernote which would allow me to create tags which could be useful, but it’s the same problem with trying to see it on my phone. So I’m not entirely satisfied with the digital option, at least not as it stands today.

How do you organize your recipes?

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