Have You Tried…Bison Burgers?

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We first had bison (also called buffalo) burgers on a trip to Colorado. We really loved the taste. My grocery store has been carrying ground bison for a while, so I decided to make them myself.  The bison I bought is uncertified organic (which means they follow standards, but have not yet been certified).  Bison meat is lower in fat and cholesterol, but higher in protein than beef.

I made bison burgers with the bison from our grocery store. It looks almost exactly like hamburger. The taste is very close as well, but it tastes a tiny bit gamier, has a cleaner flavor, and also it always seems to have a hint of grassiness to that I notice when I buy milk from grass-fed cows. I like both of those flavors as do others in my family. We will likely be buying more bison in the future.

Have you tried bison?

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