Whatever, Martha

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It is time to dish, girls and boys. Have you watched this show? If you haven’t, here’s the deal. Martha created and produces this show for the Fine Living network. It’s a half hour show with Martha’s daughter, Alexis, and her friend, Jennifer Koppelman Hutt, the same gal that does the Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer Sirius radio show with her. Alexis and Jennifer sit around and watch segments of old Martha shows. Sometimes they attempt to craft along with the craft segments. The gist of the show is that they are talking while watching it – like you might do with a friend at home.

Some people hate this show and some people love it (which are you? Post a comment and tell me). Alexis is pretty open about her sex life (and the fact that she sleeps around a lot). Alexis also makes fun of her mother and sometimes can be kind of harsh. Both of them have said rude things about the guests in the Martha clips.

I think I’ve seen every episode of this (Mr. MarthaAndMe leaves the room when I watch it- he can’t stand it) and wanted to weigh in. I see how some people are offended by it, but mostly I find it funny. They are witty and snarky and sarcastic, just as I am with my friends. They don’t act like Martha is some goddess who is above criticism.

Here’s the other thing about the show that I totally get. Alexis has a mother who is successful, confident, sometimes pushy, and sets high expectations. I do too. So I totally understand Alexis. First of all, when you grow up with a mother who is all of those things, it can really do a number on you. Then when you try to make it as an adult and have to realize you may never match that success, it is even harder. The third component is that Alexis works for her mom, and I do some work for mine as well. You want to be a part of the success, but at the same time you feel like a complete and utter loser to have to work for your mom and it makes you a tad resentful to have to deal with her demands and expectations as an adult. So, I understand the psychology of Alexis. This is her way of working through some of the aggression and resentment she experiences towards Martha (just call me Dr. MarthaAndMe).

Probably because Alexis and I have this in common, I totally live for the little gems on the show where Alexis reveals things about Martha – such as they never had cupcakes at their house, Martha made Alexis sell vegetables at the end of the driveway, Alexis had an antique quilt on her bed as a child that she wasn’t allowed to sit on, and Martha’s impatience when things are not done right.

How does Martha feel about all this? Unless she comments, we’ll never know, however the fact that she created the show indicates maybe she’s cool with it. I also think Martha is savvy enough to realize this show introduces her to several new audience groups – younger women, and women who know they aren’t Martha and have no chance to ever be Martha and enjoy seeing someone laugh about that.

Some other thoughts on this show:

– Why do they always have snacks out if they never eat them?

– I don’t like how Jennifer never has her shoes on. I totally get that you kick them off when you’re hanging out with a pal, but even so, she’s on tv. I just would never take my shoes off on tv.

– Alexis totally has Martha’s craft gene. Whenever they do a craft, Alexis whizzes through it while Jennifer makes a mess. Who knew crafting was genetic?

– Alexis is more like Martha than she knows. She sometimes displays a high level of Martha-type snobbery/impatience/White Witch behavior and an unwillingness to understand how other people do things.

What are your thoughts on this show?

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