Ways the First Day of College is Like the First Day of Kindergarten for Parents

Posted by Brette in Life

backpackYou worry they will get lost.

You hope they make some nice friends.

You know you will never hear all the accurate details about what happened.

A backpack is involved.

You’re afraid they won’t eat well.

You’re pretty sure this determines how the rest of their life will go.

You spend a lot of time reassuring yourself they will be just fine.

You wonder how they grew up so fast.

You can’t believe you have to worry about guns at school.

The house feels ridiculously empty. And so quiet.

You’re nervous that it’s going to be hard for them.

You spent way too much on back to school supplies.

You question whether you taught them the right skills.

You wish you could be a fly on the wall.

You’re worried about them going to bed early enough.

You are filled with pride.

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