One Thing Leads to Another

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tadpolesSometimes it is astounding how one small oversight can simply snowball.

When we had our above ground pool opened at the beginning of the summer, the pool guy first did all of his work THEN had me come outside to show me that the outer shell of the pool has rusted in one spot and the liner was poking through. He told me that tiny hole could rupture, causing the entire pool and anyone in it to come gushing out a big sharp metal hole that could suddenly appear, likely killing anyone inside. Needless to say, we weren’t about to use the pool after that news. So, my husband drained it but never got around to covering it. We can’t afford to replace the pool this summer and if we simply tore it down, we would lose the sand underneath it and replacing it would be more expensive. So it has stood empty for a couple of months as we’ve been busy with other things.

We’ve just discovered it’s filled with hundreds of tadpoles in the couple inches of rain water that has accumulated. This has led to quite a conundrum. If we drain it again and cover it, all those little tadpoles will die in our yard and will smell. If we wait for them to grow into frogs and jump out or help them out, our yard will be overrun with snake predators (we know this well because my son used to capture frogs and bring them home when he was small and we had quite a problem).

So we now are going to have scoop those frogs out and relocate them somewhere else. I’m happy to rescue those froggies, but sometimes it’s amazing how things can snowball!

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