On Puppy Time

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Pelly Apr 2015I haven’t been posting a lot lately because of this gorgeous little face. Our beautiful boy Percy left us on Easter. Within a couple of weeks, we brought home Pellinore (Pelly) who is the sweetest girl in the world. However, it’s been a bit challenging. She came home at 8 weeks and was not sleeping through the night. We have just now reached the point where she is making it through the night so I’m starting to feel human. My work-life balance went out the window as well since sitting in my office for most of the day is not fun for a puppy, so I’m spending a lot of time outside or playing with toys. When I am in the office, I’m dealing with pressing things and trying to keep my head above water.

She loves to be in the kitchen when I am cooking and I’m hoping to get back to some more creative cooking now that I’m not a sleep-deprived zombie most of the time.

We’re doing well with house training and she’s a very smart dog – already learning the rules and anticipating what I’m doing. But we’re back to baby gates in the doorways, crates in the bedroom and kitchen, all my plants picked up, and constant watchfulness to be sure nothing gets chewed.

It’s been 10 years since we had a puppy this young and it has definitely been a re-learning experience in so many ways. But we love her to pieces and are glad she is part of our family.

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