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Welcome! I’m so excited to be starting this blog. You should read the “About” page for more info, but let me just say that I have fallen in love with no pot cooking. For me, no pot cooking means using parchment paper packets to cook food with NO MESS. No pots or pans. I am LOVING it. It is a complete lifesaver for me. No more giant stacks of dirty pots and pans to scrub.

The food that I cook this way is delicious, healthy, and amazing. The parchment paper packets seal in all the moisture, flavors, and smells. They act like little pressure cookers, allowing you to make food that is delicious, gorgeous, and most of all, easy. This has changed my life. Check out the “Technique” page for details on how exactly to use parchment paper for cooking (you’re not going to believe how simple this is!).

Let me also add that from time to time I’ll also experiment with muffin tin liner cooking – again, no pots or pans and the shape allows you to cook some things that would be hard to do in parchment (think eggs or things that don’t hold their shape well). I’m having a blast trying all sorts of different foods that way as well.

Come along with me on my journey as I try out new ways to cook with less mess and more flavor!

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