Week of Martha: Day 4

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fritattaI’ve never had fritatta before. It never appealed to me. It’s somewhere between a quiche and an omelet. But, continuing through my week of Martha’s pre-prepped dinners (“Sunday Strategy” in Martha Stewart Everyday Food Sept issue – read my earlier posts this week to learn more about it) I was faced with a fritatta.

This was another quick dinner to throw together. You fry some bacon pieces, add the potatoes you boiled on your prep day, then add some spinach and wilt it. Pour over all of this a mix of eggs, ricotta, parmesan, salt and pepper and stick it in the oven. Martha says to serve this with a green salad with her usual tasteless dressing made only of oil, vinegar and salt and pepper. The only item pre-prepped for this meal was the potatoes. I was supposed to wash my spinach and greens on the prep day but I didn’t, I confess.

A fritatta and a salad do not a meal make in this house. I heated up a loaf of whole grain Italian bread too. The kids wanted no part of this and found their own food.

The fritatta wasn’t bad, but I just don’t like potatoes in it. I don’t understand why they’re there. Leave them out, and it would be a decent omelet. I felt that this needed more cheese. I didn’t taste any cheese at all. So this wasn’t a winner at all.  I wasn’t very impressed with this ‘meal’. One more day of this week of dinners to go!

P.S. This gave me heartburn.

P.P.S. We’re off to a big farmer’s market today and I’m excited!

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