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I just had to put up a quick little post to say I watch Martha’s season opener today on Hallmark and I also watched Everyday Food (for the first time) and Lucinda (Mad Hungry). I hope you’ll share your thoughts on these with me – I would love to hear what you think.

As for Martha, first of all, I thought she looked fantastic. “Rested,” perhaps? That segment with the MTV guys was weird. It has nothing to do with Martha and it was awkward due to the time delay. Just awful. The interview with Jennifer and Alexis was awkward. Very stilted and strange. I haven’t watched their show yet (tonight maybe I will get to it) but it looks kind of odd. Jennifer has lost a ton a weight and looks fantastic. The questions from the audience were strange and the answers worse. They couldn’t name any of their upcoming guests? What did Martha think they did to prepare for the show? They seemingly had nothing to talk about. It was all just uncomfortable to watch. Jennifer tries to please Martha. Alexis remains aloof and snotty. Very weird TV.

I skipped the pet segment. The cookie segment with Sarah Carey and John Baricelli was also a little odd. All they did was dunk cookies in sugar – not a lot of baking there! The cookies sound good though and I may have to print out the recipe. I love Lucinda, but a quesadilla with bacon, cheese and peppers? Not exciting.

Onto Lucinda’s show, Mad Hungry. I’ve GOT to make those pork chops. And the potato wedges. And the cabbage. Sigh. I’ve got her cookbook and really liked it but haven’t tried these items. I was surprised her show was an hour – it seemed like a long time. Loved her set – it was very her. I may have to allow Teen Martha a peek at her son Calder who is quite cute! This is a show I will definitely tune into, although I do have a tendency to fast forward through the boring parts.

Everyday Food. This was my first time catching this. I was surprised that each segment was a different host. I kind of liked it for quick ideas but I don’t know if it is something I would sit down and watch on a regular basis. And when did Sarah Carey have long hair? It’s been short every time I’ve ever seen her.

So those are my impressions. What were yours?

Update: I watched Whatever. Not quite sure what to think. Jennifer seemed VERY nervous, but looked fantastic. The opener was a little awkward, but as always I enjoy hearing Alexis complain about Martha. The guest segments seemed really long. Are there fewer commercials on Hallmark? Paula Abdul was fun. Partially incoherent as usual. I would have liked to know more about what her new show really is about. The dance lesson was lame.  I fast forwarded through most of the guy who has had over 100 Internet dates. I just didn’t care! I liked the third guest, about the beauty products and am going to get her book. I will continue to tape this and watch it at least for now. I don’t quite ‘get’ how this is different from other talk shows yet, but maybe it will evolve.

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  • Alene says:

    I watched Mad Hungry & Everyday Food. I thought Everyday Food was stuff they did awhile ago. I used to watch it a few yrs. ago. The apple cake, though, sounded good and easy. I have a ton of apples in my fruit drawer. I’m making it for sure and I’ll let you know. Mad Hungry was adorable. She’s so fun and up. I have pork chop/apple recipes, but I’m going to try hers. It looked yummy. The sweet potatoes too. I’ve made them that way, but w/out seasoning. Lucinda’s son IS cute!! I’m gonna show my daughter too, but she’s 25 and a little old for him! For your daughter, he looks perfect!!

  • We don’t get the shows over here, so I watch Martha back on the internet. I look forward to seeing if my thoughts match with yours! Do you usually watch the Martha show?

  • Yes, I tivo it every day when it’s new. I don’t always watch the whole thing, but I do like to at least see who is on and what they’re cooking.

  • Yes, let me know how the apple cake is. I have so many apple cake recipes at this point that I never know which one to make.

  • Alene says:

    Me too. Lots and lots of apple cake recipes But this was almost a one bowl deal w/ no mixer involved.

  • That’s always a good thing!

  • Leah says:

    I’ve only seen one episode of ‘Whatever’ so far. I added it to my TiVo along with Martha’s show. I’ve watched Martha’s show for years. I listen to ‘Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer’ on Sirius (I have since 2004). So I’m a fan of listening to them. Watching the new show was a bit of a letdown only because the brief run of ‘Whatever, Martha’ was kind of funny and very relaxed. I think I prefer them on the radio (and their blogs). As for Martha herself I heard that she has a new look…not sure what that means. Maybe that’s the rested look you speak of? Just heard her trainer on the radio the other day. She really does take excellent care of herself. 🙂

  • Martha changed her hair – it’s definitely new. And yes, she has an entire team of people taking care of her, but it seemed to me her face looked a bit different suddenly, so I’m wondering if she had some work done.

    I too really liked the Whatever Martha show a lot. It was funny and relaxing to watch. The new show is not. Jennifer seems very nervous and I’m just not enjoying the interviews very much. It just seems like your typical stilted talk show.

  • Alene says:

    Yup, face lift time, I’ll bet. She couldn’t possibly look that good at 60+.

    I’m going to tape the Whatever Martha show once just to check it out. I’ll bet y’all are right! Oh, and I’m making the apple cake tonight and serving it tomorrow, so I’ll let you know.

  • Leah says:

    Are you sure it is not all of that fresh Maine air from her Bar Harbor home? 😉

  • I am sure that is the explanation!

  • I hope it’s good (the cake, that is!)