Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie

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ult choc chipWe are big on chocolate chip cookies in this family, so the recipe in October Martha Stewart Everyday Food for Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies was like a gauntlet being thrown.

The recipe isn’t very different from your typical chocolate chip cookie recipe, except for the fact that it includes semisweet and milk chocolate. Nuts are optional according to the recipe. Dude Martha helped me whip these up on a weekend afternoon recently. I substituted whole wheat flour for one cup of the flour. Martha says to make these cookies big – 1/4 cup of dough for each. We made ours a little bit smaller. We made some with nuts and some without.

I was very happy with the cookie itself, but I don’t like the milk chocolate chips. I’ll stick with semisweet in the future. These cookies are very crispy, which wins points with me. If you like your cookies soft, this recipe isn’t for you. Overall it was very good.

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