Turkey Meatloaf Kind of a Turkey

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First:  a programming note for all of you loyal followers. I had this post and the two below it all set up to automatically publish one each day over the weekend and they didn’t. No idea why. WordPress had some kind of hiccup I think because I doublechecked my saved settings before we left. So, if you’re a loyal follower, you’ll have lots to read today – keep scrolling to see everything that should have gone up over the weekend! Now back to your regularly scheduled programming!

I’m no stranger to turkey meatloaf. In fact, I use ground turkey almost exclusively in place of ground beef in many dishes. I have a turkey and rice meatloaf with a cheese sauce that is a family favorite. I wanted to try Martha’s Turkey Meatloaf with Fontina and Mushrooms from Martha Stewart Everyday Food September issue.  You cook your mushrooms, then cook garlic and leaks. Mix it up with turkey, bread cubes, fontina, egg, sage (I didn’t have fresh, so I used dried), salt and pepper. I baked mine in a loaf pan instead of on parchment paper.

turkey meatloaf2The meatloaf looked nice on the plate. However, I found it to be a bit bland. Fontina cheese has a very mild taste and even with the garlic and sage, it had little flavor.  No one was too fond of this. However, the next day, I ate some cold for lunch and it was wonderful that way. The garlic flavor really came out and I loved it. I picked at for lunch for several days until it was gone. I don’t know if the flavors just need time to meld together or if this is not good hot. I wouldn’t make it for dinner again, but I enjoyed it for lunch.

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