The Original Muffin Tin Cookbook

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muffin tin new coverI’m excited to announce the release of my new ebook, The Original Muffin Tin Cookbook!  Several years ago, I wrote The Muffin Tin Cookbook for a large publisher. That edition is now out of print. Lots of people have emailed me asking how to buy it. Due to popular demand, it’s now back as an ebook. All the same great recipes are here. This was the very first book about muffin tin cooking ever published, so I’m happy to be able to bring it back.

The book includes recipes for entrees, appetizers, veggies, sides, potato and rice dishes, muffins, mini-pies, cupcakes, snacks, and much more.

Muffin tin cooking is easy and fun. It’s a great way to get your kids involved in cooking. Kids are willing to try new foods when they are presented in the shape of muffins – something they already love. Muffin tin cooking makes portion control easy for adults also. One muffin cup is one serving. The portions are easy to freeze as well.The book offers recipes for regular size muffin cups, mini and jumbo. There’s also lots of information about the types of muffin tin liners and pans to choose from (so many options!).

Enjoy the book yourself or give it to your mom, your sister, your college kid, your single brother or friends with kids.

This book was so much fun to write and I still often make the recipes from it. I hope you will enjoy it!


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