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We made an excursion to The Broadway Market, a market in downtown Buffalo that is a traditional place to visit during the Easter season. It struck me as something Martha would enjoy, so I snapped some photos and thought I would share the experience. The market is open year round, but the Easter and Christmas seasons are when it is in full swing. In fact, the market makes all of its money during those seasons and is in danger of closing because no one comes to it at other times of the year (organizers are trying to revitalize it and I hope they are able to since this is a tradition everyone who lives in Buffalo knows and loves).

Pussy willows

At this time of year, there are many traditional items at the market that people come from miles around to buy. Pussy willows are always for sale and people take bunches of them home. Horseradish is another popular item – whole or ground.

Butter lambs

Butter lambs are a beautiful addition to an Easter table and I buy one every year.

The market is also home to many Polish baked good specialties. This year I


bought some chrusciki – a deep fried dough covered in powdered sugar. There are lots of breads and pastries for sale as well, but it’s hard to maneuver with the lines and crowds of people to get to the counter and place your order.Breads

We also usually buy some local specialties, such as Crystal Beach sugar

Crystal Beach sucker

waffles and suckers. Crystal Beach was an amusement park across the border in Canada (now closed) and my dad’s family spent summers there and most people of his age have fond memories of it.  They were also famous for their loganberry drink.

Crystal Beach sugar wafflesThe market is also famous for its holiday meats. Polish sausage is a popular item, as well as hams. Another food you can find everywhere is pierogis – dumplings stuffed with potato, cheese, onion, or other combinations. I have to admit I’m not a fan of the pierogi, mostly because I find it weird to have a dumpling filled with potato ( I don’t like knishes for the same reason).

Smoked and regular Polish sausage

It wouldn’t be Easter without candy, so there are lots of candy bunnies for sale, as well as jelly beans, chocolate bark, chocolate covered apples, and more.

While the food that is available is pretty amazing, the market also has lots of Easter eggs for sale, many made in Poland, Russian, or Austria. They come in every design imaginable, as well as every color. For about $10 each, they are a nice souvenir to take home. If you’re ever in Buffalo at Easter, I urge you to visit this landmark market.


Easter eggs

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12 Responses

  • Wow. You had me at the butter lambs. That place looks like it rocks.

  • Are butter lambs sold in other areas of the country? Does anyone know? Just curious

  • Erin Miller says:

    If you are really looking for a butter lamb- you can order one from Redlinski’s Meats at; it is a little pricey for the shipping but well worth it if you are not in Buffalo during the Easter Season. I have not been able to find a butter lamb outside of Buffalo; not to say that you couldn’t. The tradition of the butter lamb is generally misunderstood in other areas of the country… I have lived in California, Texas and Virginia- and there was not a butter lamb to be found and in most places they had no clue what I was talking about…

    – If you are from Buffalo there are some other treats on Redlinski’s website that are well worth the shipping.

  • Thanks Erin. I didn’t realize they could be shipped. Great tip. It just isn’t Easter without one.

  • I’ve never seen butter lambs. Wish I had one for this Easter’s dinner. What an interesting market to visit, even for tourists. If I ever plan a trip to Buffalo, it will have to be at Easter or Christmas so that I can explore Broadway Market. Let’s hope they can find a way to keep the business viable throughout the rest of the year.

  • If I lived nearby, I’d go all the time!! It looks like an amazing place to visit.

  • So funny, I was just starting a post on Pike Street Market in Seattle, which I visited for the first time with my daughter this week. Pike Street’s more about produce, fish, meat and flowers, but there were also some great dessert stands, and a great creperie. But what caught my eye in your post was actually the pierogis; I love them and can’t believe how hard they are to find out here! I’d go just for a hot onion pierogi – reminiscent of the lower east side in New York.

  • Martha Stewart did a whole section on pierogi’s in April Living and then also demonstrated her mother’s technique on her show this week. I’ve never made them, but it looked very complicated!

  • thanks for sharing your trip. it looks like a great place — I too hope the market finds ways to draw business beyond the holidays and stay open.

  • jennifermargulis says:

    Forwarding this to friends and family in Buffalo. Looks like a great place to check out!

  • Katy says:

    I love the broadway market!! I’ve lived in western new York all my life and it’s my family’s tradition to take a trip there every Easter break. I love the homey feeling you get while shopping for home baked goods. The vendors are friendly and it’s a great family place. We always pick up a butter lamb and some of those yummy chocolate covered peeps. I would encourage some of the wny residents to make a trip to the bbwm!

  • I don’t think we are going to get there this year, but will definitely get there next year. Have you ever gone to the December holiday market? I’m wondering if that’s worth going to.