Tangy Chicken with Orzo

Posted by Brette in Food

I wasn’t excited about this recipe, then I saw Martha and Sarah Carey make it on tv and thought I would give it a try. I did a major cheat though – I used boneless, skinless breasts. But it actually worked out.

You brown the chicken (I did this quickly) then cook onion and garlic. Add tomatoes (I used canned whole tomatoes) and vinegar and cook in the oven. I did my stovetop cooking in a skillet and transferred to a glass baking dish.

The orzo was easy – cook some diced carrot then add the orzo and water and boil.

A few criticisms. First of all, there was not enough sauce. If you’re serving something like this with plain orzo, you’ve got to have enough sauce to cover the orzo. I would add more tomato and a little more vinegar to increase the amount of sauce. And I would add some seasonings to the orzo which was dull and boring. Other than that, the basic idea of this recipe is a nice one and it was relatively quick to whip up.

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