Sweet Holidays

Posted by Brette in Food | Holidays

box-candyHere is one of the boxes of Martha’s candy I’m giving away this season. I’m using Martha’s boxes, which I found at Walmart. I think I got the last package the store had, back in early December and I’ve never seen them again, so I think they sold like hot cakes.

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  • Tara says:

    I can see why these sold like hot cakes—they are very cute and perfect for gift giving! I would LOVE to be your neighbor/friend and receive that for Christmas!!! Nice job!!!

  • Next year I’m going to have to go look for them sooner and buy more. Maybe I’ll order from her site. The thing that is hard is she has so many product lines at so many stores – Michael’s, Walmart, KMart, Macy’s, etc that it’s hard to know where things are.

    I was really happy with the quality of the boxes. One of the nicest things was the lids go on very tightly, so you’re not worrying about them slipping off. Very nice quality.