Stuffed Shells with Proscuitto

Posted by Brette in Food

I was inspired by Lucinda Scala Quinn’s stuffed shells on Mad Hungry recently and wanted to try a version of her recipe. She uses prosciutto in hers, which intrigued me. I could only find large shells, not XL which was a bummer, but I made do. I also did not use radicchio since I don’t care for it. Instead I substituted spinach. I used jarred tomato sauce and cottage cheese instead of ricotta (what a cheat I am). I like some sauce on top of my shells so I poured some over the top before baking.

This was good, but I don’t think I would use the prosciutto again. It was interesting, but was kind of a smoky taste that I didn’t feel really went with the dish. I do like stuffed shells and I wish I could find the XL ones because stuffing all those little shells took me FOREVER!

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  • Alene says:

    I have XL shells. They’re not the best brand for pasta – I think Muellers. Also, I have really good pasta large shells – which they sell for the price of a small car here in N. VA! Too bad you live so far away. I was interested in her recipe also. I was intrigued by the proscuitto too. Going to try it. I am TIVOing all her shows (Mad Hungry). I LOVE her. She is adorable. She has a blog too, where, she said in one of the episodes, you can get the recipes – which is a lot easier than sitting in front of the tv w/ a pad and pen!

  • The recipes are actually on Martha’s site. Lucinda links to them through her blog, but doesn’t post them there. I Tivo her show every day. I always turn it on to see what she’s making but I only watch it if it’s something I’m interested in!

  • Alene says:

    me too. I watched (actually sped through) meatballs & tomato sauce tonight. The only thing I thought was clever was making the cannoli filling – ricotta w/ a half cup of sugar, and a quarter cup of chopped choc. I think that was it. I’m going to try it. Easy and sweet!!

  • I didn’t watch that one. I like my own meatball recipe so it didn’t excite me and I hate ricotta! Some of the ideas on the show are great though. And I just really like her attitude about food.