Streusel Cupcakes

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I’ve begun working through Martha’s new cupcake book. I made a list of things I want to make and decided to start off with the Streusel Cupcakes (p. 62). I admit they appealed to me because there is no frosting to make and decorate with (so it should be quick and easy). It also sounded to me more like a breakfast food, so I wouldn’t have to feel TOO guilty about having one.

streuselcupcake1The cupcake/muffin part of this is simple and easy. Nothing complicated. I like that it has sour cream in the dough – the dough tasted SO good. It was kind of hard to get this in the muffin tins since the batter is super heavy and thick. It did not sit nicely in the cups.

Next I made the streusel topping. I make streusel when I make blueberry muffins and I’ve found the easiest way is to make it in the Cuisinart, so that’s what I did. I wasn’t thrilled with this streusel recipe – too much flour, not enough cinnamon. But I went with it.

The recipe says to put half on the muffins/cupcakes and smoosh it down. This actually helped the cupcakes take a better shape. Then you sprinkle the rest of the topping on and bake.streuselcupcake2

These took longer to bake than the recipe said, but I always have that problem with Martha recipes. I needed another 7 minutes.

Now for the taste test. Good, but not amazing in my book. I have to say they really look scrumptious with all that streusel topping crumbled all over it. I wish the cupcake/muffin part had something in it though – it needs a ribbon of cinnamon or some nuts or something because it is just plain. The topping is good, but not great. I like to make my streusel topping with equal parts brown sugar and flour and lots of cinnamon. I found this to be a bit floury.streuselcupcake3

That being said, this is a cute way to make something for a brunch or a big gathering since it’s easy to serve. streuselcupcake4

What cupcake recipes from the book do YOU think I should make? Post and tell me and I’ll try to make them!

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