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smore cookie1Dude Martha (11 yr old son) was in the mood to make some cookies, so he made Martha’s S’more Cookies (Martha Stewart July Everyday Food – the recipe is not on her site). Here is his guest blog:

smore cookie2

smore cookie3

smore cookie4

In the morning I was bored so I decided to make S’more Cookies. First I made the dough and put the chocolate on. Then after 7 minutes in the oven put the marshmallows on then and baked them for 7 more minutes. All in all they tasted like a s’more, but it might have worked better if you were to cook the dough for 7 minutes then put the chocolate and marshmallows on. Also the marshmallows were not melted enough after 7 minutes.

Thanks Dude Martha. I apologize for the cruddy appearance of this entry, but it literally took me 20 tries to get the photos to show up. WordPress is being stupid. My comments on the cookies. The cookie is made of whole wheat flour and some oats which you pulse in the food processor. We think this would work better if you first baked the cookie partway, then added the chocolate and then at the end put on the marshmallow and broiled it to get it brown. There were some doneness issues with the cookie.

Dude Martha liked this. Teen Martha did not. Mr. MarthaandMe liked it. I recused myself since I do not like S’mores, but I did taste the cookie and chocolate sans marshmallow. It was pretty good, but nothing great.  All in all, just make regular smores if that’s what you want!

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  • Hi! I made these too and wasn’t in love with them either. Kinda fun to make and impressive looking, but not as good as a regular smore. Happy baking! 🙂

  • I agree with you. They did look really cute, but real s’mores are better.

  • Apres Ski says:

    Thanks for going through all that work and being the guinea pig for the rest of us. Now, if I decide to make these, I’ll revert back to this blog for those serious pointers!!


    It’s always nice to have a guide!


  • Glad to be of service:)

    And I would love to hear if there are specific Martha recipes or projects people want to suggest I try. I’ll gladly take requests.

  • Apres Ski says:

    OMG!!! You take requests? LOL!!

    You’ve just opened the door, the floodgates if you will, to tons of recipes from Martha alone, never mind projects from the rest of us! LOL!

    I’ll keep you in mind next time that light goes off over my head.

  • I can’t promise to do everything, but I’d love to get requests. I try to work from the current issues of Martha’s magazine and from recent show episodes during the season, but sometimes I try things that are from the the Martha archives.

  • Apres Ski says:

    I still feel her “old” shows were her best, head & shoulders above what’s she doing now. However, I discovered Everyday Food which is part of her empire.

    When I watched both shows, one with John the baker & the other with the 4 women, it’s actually the old Martha Stewart show done by 5 people in 2 half hour shows. I enjoy those shows A LOT! I’ve actually added a couple of dishes from those shows to my own repertoire. I was surprised at how easy they really were.

    However, if I run across anything, I’ll let you know. I was disappointed this week when golf took Martha’s spot. B

  • I haven’t been watching Everyday Food, but maybe I should. I haven’t been watching her show lately since it’s reruns over the summer.

  • Apres Ski says:

    Everyday Food has some of the best, easiest and simplest recipes that are quite good. I’m still making their salmon with Northern white beans on a regular basis. It’s easy, quick and you can have it ready in a 15 minutes.

    Tuna & White Bean Salad

    Perfect for summer, snacking & all around quickie. I have substituted the tuna for salmon and it’s even better. I tried canned & fresh salmon & I love them both.

  • Apres Ski says:

    I used to make it exactly like the recipe. But I’ve gotten so good, I make it without capers because those were expensive. I was stunned they could be soooooooo expensive for such a little bottle! LOL!

    But it’s a regular and a favorite and it’s perfect for the heat. I use different crackers and different types of chips. Those Keebler ones are good and those newer ones with the pretzels on one side are good too!!