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Can I just say, sliders do not strike me as Martha food. Can you see Martha eating them? I just can’t. Although I do understand it’s in the January issue of Martha Stewart Living as part of the Superbowl food section (does Martha have a Superbowl party? I doubt it).

slidersMy son loves sliders and orders them in restaurants every time they are on the menu, so I decided to make this for dinner. Really there’s nothing to this – all you do is make small hamburgers and serve them on dinner rolls. I didn’t make the shallot butter in the recipe because my family is very specific about what can and cannot go on a hamburger or slider. My son will not eat cheese. My husband likes mustard and ketchup. My daughter likes just ketchup. I require ketchup and relish. So I skipped the shallot butter and left several without cheese. I, of course, used organic, grass fed hamburger, which is something I am rigid about.

I did cook these under the broiler as Martha directs, even though I normally would have made them on the Jenn-Air grill. This was easy to make. I just wish I could have found whole wheat or multigrain dinner rolls, but I had to use white. I cannot tell you how long it has been since I’ve tasted regular white bread.  A real indulgence in this house.

The sliders were good. There’s something fun about cute little hamburgers like this. They’re easy to pick up and eat. This would be a nice thing to serve at a casual party, so it’s definitely something that would work for SuperBowl.

I’m going to be making more of the SuperBowl items from this issue in the coming weeks.

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