Shrimp Tostadas My Way

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shrimp tostada2In keeping with my plan for the blog, I’m going to share a recipe I made that was inspired or influenced by Martha, but not actually a Martha recipe. Last night I made shrimp tostadas.

First I cooked my shrimp in boiling water then plunged them in ice water (Martha trick). I made up a salad of romaine lettuce (4-5 leaves ripped up – here’s another trick – my lettuce was very wilted. I soaked it in ice water for a few minutes and it perked right back up), some leftover corn, a diced tomato, 2 scallions, an avocado and the shrimp. I made a dressing of olive oil, lime juice, sugar, cilantro and salt and pepper. I always like to make dressing in a little jar which I just shake to combine (Martha says to make it in the bottom of the salad bowl, but I prefer to be able to control the amount added to the salad).

I brushed the tortillas with oil and heated them in the oven (another Martha-inspired move) and then I spread some goat cheese (which I did not like before the Martha project) on them.  I served them separately, so we could load our own tostadas at the table. I served it with some sour cream. I loved this. I’m a sucker for avocado and cheese no matter what.  There’s enough left for one more tostada which I’ll be having for lunch today!

Please forgive the bad photo – I’m still learning with the new camera!

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