Salt Lick Chicken

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My June issue of Martha Stewart Living has arrived. I love the cover and I love all the grilling recipes. Summer at last! I immediately dove in and picked the Honey Brine for chicken to try out.

honey brineI boiled water, honey and salt. Hmm, those ingredients seemed a little plain-Jane to me, but I gave Martha the benefit of the doubt. I brined 8 boneless chicken breasts for two hours. Trying to be clever, I thought I would make 8 and use the leftovers to make a big salad or some sandwiches another night. Someone stop me the next honey brine2time I try to be clever. We grilled the chicken after the brining.

I’m sorry to report that this chicken was inedible. It was so salty you simply could not eat it. 1/2 cup of salt in 6 cups of water is a lot, but brines do generally have a lot of salt. Maybe if there was some other flavor involved in this it might have been edible, but as it was, it jut tasted like salt and honey brine3nothing else. The honey flavor did not come through at all. This was a HUGE disappointment!

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