Salt Baking Experiment

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Salted Rutabaga 11-2-2014 7-10-22 PMI’ve been reading about about baking things in a salt crust. It’s supposed to yield extremely moist and tender results. I saw a rutabaga roasted in a salt crust in a magazine recently and decided to give it a go.Salted Rutabaga 11-2-2014 7-21-17 PM

First I gently peeled the outer wax off the rutabaga. Then I mixed about 2 cups of salt with 2 egg whites and some fresh grated ginger and garlic (one clove). I preheated the oven to 400. I put some salt in the bottom of a baking dish for the rutabaga to sit on then I plastered the rest of it onto it. I baked it for 2 hours.

Salted Rutabaga 11-2-2014 7-24-38 PMWe cracked the salt crust, lifted the rutabaga out and cut it into pieces. I poured some brown butter mixed with more grated ginger, grated garlic and salt and pepper over it.

The rutabaga was definitely very tender. It didn’t turn the very bright yellow it becomes when you boil or roast it which was interesting. We found that the edges were extremely salty and the inside didn’t taste any different than it usually does.

The verdict: this wasn’t worth the effort. I would only recommend it if you really hate cutting up a raw rutabaga (which can definitely be challenging).

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