Roasted Salmon with Herbed Yogurt

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In May Everyday Food, Martha touts the recipe for Roasted Salmon with Herbed Yogurt as a special occasion dish. I made it for a weeknight dinner – no occasion in sight other than the fact that I had some salmon hanging around.

My first hurdle was tracking down the Greek yogurt the recipe calls for. The last time I needed Greek yogurt for a Martha recipe I ended up at a small family-owned grocery store where I paid an arm and a leg for it. This time, I cleverly checked the organic section in my big supermarket and there it was for much less.

yog-salmon1This is a very simple recipe. You mix the yogurt with dill and parsley and mustard and smear it on the salmon, then roast it at a high temp. It turned out perfectly. I would never have thought to put yogurt on salmon, but it had a wonderful flavor. This is much simpler than making a sauce. The yogurt topping turns slightly brown and gets a tad hard, so it is almost like a crust. It stays in place, unlike a sauce and I think it kept the salmon quite moist as it roasted. This is a good thing!yog-salmon21

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