Pizza Dough Cinnamon Rolls

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I love new uses for old things. In March Everyday Food, Martha is re-purposing pizza dough. I had some dough in the freezer I wanted to use up (no, I didn’t make it myself!). Cinnamon rolls are just decadent, so I was interested to see if you can really make them from pizza dough. First you roll the dough out (hard to do with elastic pizza dough) then dot with butter and fold into thirds and roll back to the original shape. Martha says to refrigerate for an hour then dot again with butter and sprinkle with a brown sugar, pecans, cinnamon and salt mix. Roll it up, slice it and bake.

These turned out quite well, although I couldn’t quite get past the taste and texture of pizza dough. It wasn’t as tender as cinnamon dough normally is. The family, however, enjoyed this one very much. All it’s done for me is make me crave real cinnamon rolls! And a tip – if you make this, I really recommend making some icing to pour over it. I think it would help it immensely.

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