Pasta with 2 Tomatoes and Mozzarella-

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I was looking for something simple for a busy weeknight dinner and settled on Penne with Two Tomatoes and Mozzarella from May Everyday Food. I had a box of penne, but when I pulled it out of the pantry I realized it was only 1/4 full, so I decided to use shells for this.

I boiled the pasta and then cooked up garlic, cherry tomatoes and sundried tomatoes. Super simple. You mix the pasta with the sauce and then stir in frozen cubes of mozzarella (so they stay as chunks and don’t melt) and sprinkle on some chives.

pasta tomatoI liked this dish, but it doesn’t reheat well because the cheese melts all over. Other than that, I thought it was tasty and I liked the two types of tomatoes. The chives are a nice touch and the green color looks great. I might be tempted to add some spinach to this or some other vegetable just to make it a little more interesting.

My June Living came in the mail yesterday – hooray!

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