Parchment Primer for the New Year

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New year, new resolutions for many of us. If yours is to simplify, eat more healthfully, or cook more at home, parchment paper packets can help you!

Here are some tips to get started with parchment paper cooking, which will allow you to cook with ease with no clean up, producing healthy, yummy dishes in a flash:

  • When in doubt, cut the piece of parchment bigger than you think you need. You can always trim it or just fold it, but if you start out with it too small, it’s hard to work with.
  • When you head into the kitchen to cook, ask yourself if you can make the dinner you had planned in parchment. You can convert just about any dish to parchment cooking. For starters, check out my book, The Parchment Paper Cookbook for 180 ideas.
  • Remember that when cooking in parchment you don’t need to add more than a few drops of oil, butter or fat. Your food cooks in its own juices and steams inside the packet.
  • For the prettiest results, stack your ingredients with the most colorful on top.
  • You can brown your food by opening the packets, folding the paper edges under or cutting them off and quickly broiling while keeping an eye on the packet. Parchment singes but does not burn, but you should still keep an eye on it.
  • Twist the ends of your packets to easily seal them. I find this to be the simplest and most effective method. See the Technique page of this blog for details.
  • Remember you can recycle or compost your parchment!

I’ll be adding more delicious parchment packet recipes soon after a holiday break. Check back soon!

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