Orecchiette with Bacon and Tomato

Posted by Brette in Food

I wasn’t excited by this recipe when I saw it in the magazine, but when Martha and Anna L. made it on tv, it got me interested. It doesn’t sound like anything special when you read the recipe – a tomato sauce and some bacon on pasta. I was surprised at how wonderful the flavor was.

I used rotini but that was the only substitution I made. The tomato sauce was quick to whip up, but I found I needed to get a fork in there and physically pull the tomatoes apart. I also had to add more tomato juice to it because it was too dry.

I really, really liked this dish! The bacon gave it a nice smoky flavor and the tomato and onion had a nice sweetness. It really tasted like something that had cooked for hours. Thumbs up on this one Martha!

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