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I like to make eggs for weekend breakfasts. I find if I eat protein for breakfast, I’m not hungry for hours, which is always a good thing. I have the worst time with egg pans and spatulas though. The egg gets crusted on. Well, no more! Try this fantastic no-pot idea for an egg breakfast or brunch that’s made in a muffin tin, with paper liners leaving no mess and no clean up.

Egg Crescent Pockets

1 package of 8 crescent roll dough

4 slices of ham

8 eggs

goat cheese (or cheese of your choice)

salt and pepper


Place 8 muffin tin liners in your tin and spray the inside of them with cooking spray. Lay the short end of the crescent roll in the liner, so it is near the top of the liner and press it around so you get dough all around the edge. Leave the long end of the dough hanging out of the liner.

Take half a piece of ham and fold it so it fits inside the liner. Place a dab or two of goat cheese (you can use any cheese you like for this, but I made mine with goat cheese) on top of the ham, and a pinch of thyme. Crack an egg and place it in the liner. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. Flip the rest of the dough over the top of the egg and gently tuck it into the side. Bake at 375 for 20 minutes. Allow it rest for a few minutes before lifting it out of the muffin pan.

The results are super cute and are easy to serve. This is a great idea if you have some leftover crescent roll dough from a holiday dinner, and if you have house guests!

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