No Cook Pasta Sauce

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I’ve seen the no-cook pasta sauces that show up in women’s magazines in the summer and my friend Debbie recently did one on her blog Words to Eat By which convinced me I needed to try Martha’s version in August Living called Tomato and Basil Pasta. I’m hooked. It was easy and delish. Put 1/4 cup olive oil and 3 sliced garlic cloves in a bowl with salt and pepper. Add 1 lb of hot, cooked pasta (I used whole wheat rotini). Toss. Rip up 4 tomatoes with your hands. Drop in blobs of soft cheese (I used goat cheese – about 6 oz) and add some fresh herbs (Martha says to use basil but I didn’t have enough so I also used oregano, chives, rosemary and parsley). Stir it and serve. Very simple and it was so flavorful and wonderful. The tomatoes taste sweet and fresh. The cheese makes it creamy and the fresh herbs add lots of punch. I’m definitely going to be doing this again. The only problem with this is you can’t reheat leftovers well. The tomato ends up hot and mushy and the herbs lose their freshness. Teen Martha solved this by just eating it cold!

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