More Chocolate Chip Cookie Experimentation

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In a previous post, I talked about how the original Tollhouse cookie recipe, which was developed by the sainted Ruth Wakefield, required 36 hours of refrigeration before baking. When I tried it, I was bowled over by the results. The other interesting piece of info you should know about the original cookies is that flour was different back in those days, and had a higher protein content. The all-purpose flour we use today is not the same. So, in the interests of science, I decided to make the cookies using bread flour which has a higher protein content and is recommended in the cookbook Bakewise (read the excerpt here). I used the Tollhouse recipe on the Nestle bag again (note: this is not the same recipe Ruth used – I’ll give that one a spin another day, so stayed tuned) but substituted bread flour. I refrigerated the dough for 36 hours (this required me to make other cookies so there would not be a riot and I admit I slipped out to the garage to sample the dough a few times!)

The cookies don’t spread as much as the regular recipe. They look like cookies the way my grandmother used to make them. They’re thick. The edges are crisp but the insides of the cookies are chewy, but not in a sticky way, in the way that substantial baked goods are chewy. They seem a lot less greasy than the regular cookies and feel more substantial somehow. You have to bite into them – they aren’t thin cookies that sort of break off in your mouth. I kind of like the chewiness and the feeling that it’s a COOKIE. These get high marks from me.

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