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When I started this project, my family didn’t really get it. Now that I’ve been at it for a few weeks, it’s starting to sink in. Whenever I cook something now, the kids ask, “Is this a Martha thing?” I think they are enjoying all the new foods. I’m not sure if they appreciate the other things  – crafts, home organization, etc.

I’ve been caught a few times talking to Martha as I work on a project (mostly muttering under my breath at her as I work through directions) and I feel like a small child with an imaginary friend. My 10 year old son wanted to know if I have arguments with Martha (I explained that mostly it just helps me to talk to her while I’m doing something hard).

All of my Martha work must be rubbing off though. This same son, who has a creative streak, has always liked to make messes in the kitchen. From the time he was a toddler standing on a chair, he has liked to “cook” in my sink – mixing together everything he can get his hands on. He’s come up with some pretty gross concoctions. Well, his technique has apparently become more refined lately. The pumpkin he and Mr. MarthaandMe carved for Halloween has been sitting on the kitchen table. My son, mini-Martha, decided to carve away at the back side of it. This left him with a pile of pumpkin. I left him alone in the kitchen and came back to discover this, all neatly plated:

It is a truly gross mix of pumpkin that he mashed and many other items in my fridge and cupboards. What struck me was the beautiful plating technique. Clearly Martha is rubbing off on all of us.

Although he has a creative streak, he also has an organizational streak. Halloween evening, he came home, sorted his candy into neat piles on my table and then asked for a plastic storage box. He proceeded to neatly stack the candy up inside the box. This same child can pack a suitcase in a way that would make Martha beam.

Now I know that if I end this blog like this I’m going to be in big trouble. My 16 year old daughter will be insulted that she wasn’t mentioned. Let me pacify her by mentioning here she has the baking gene (My grandmother was raised a Mennonite. If you know anything about Mennonites, you know they can bake. We always joke that I got the Mennonite gene since I love to bake).

How is the Martha project affecting Mr. MarthaandMe? He’s been doing a lot of dishes, I’ll say that! He’s happy to taste test. Although he grumbled a bit during the linen closet makeover, he seemed to appreciate the results.

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