Mini Deep Dish Pizzas

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After all of our travels, and then a weekend at the lake with my parents, I was ready to settle back in at home and cook some comforting food. Pizza is always a winner here, so I was excited about the mini deep dish pizzas in the muffin tin cooking section of Sept Everyday Food. There’s something about muffin tin cooking that just excites the kid in me. When I got my first kids’ Betty Crocker cookbook, I remember I made muffin tin meatloaf and I thought it was the best thing ever!

This recipe was simple and flexible. Martha says to start with 1/2 lb of pizza dough. The bag I bought at the store was 1 lb 12 oz and I bought wheat. She says to break it into 6 pieces – mine ended up in 18 pieces. Roll each piece out to about 6 inches and then fill the tin with it. Mine were all crazy shaped but it didn’t matter once you put them in the tins. Then you fill them. In some I put about 1 1/2 tbsp of sauce then cheese to top it. In others I put 2 sliced cherry tomatoes, a dollop of goat cheese and some little pieces of mushroom, broccoli and herbs. Another one was pizza sauce and feta cheese and mushrooms. Teen Martha put some shredded chicken in hers. Dude Martha used pepperoni and anchovy paste.

Bake in the oven at 450 for about 11 minutes. One tray of mine took a little longer. Everyone loved making this and eating it. Without me even telling him the name of the recipe, Mr. MarthaAndMe said, “this is like deep-dish pizza.” They weren’t even messy to eat, and Dude Martha and his buddy who was over ate them with their hands.

Major thumbs up on this one – terrific for kids to help with and eat. It was more work than pizza though because you have to roll out each individual piece of dough, but it is nicely customizable for each person, which can be a big bonus when you’re faced with people who have pizza preferences!

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