Martha on Oprah

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Martha was on Oprah yesterday. It’s not often that you get to see Martha interviewed, so I was anxious to watch. Oprah had a lot of questions about prison. And that’s about it. It seemed like such an interesting opportunity – the two women who have made some of the biggest changes in how we think about our lives together, chatting. I would have loved some talk about how Martha built her empire, if she ever dreamed it would be so big, what she thinks about public perception of her, what it’s like to be so dang rich and powerful, and so much more. The prison talk was interesting of course – any time you get to hear Martha reflect on things and give real (meaning not pre-packaged) answers to questions, I am interested. I enjoyed the video of her Maine home, but I’ve seen most of it before, so there wasn’t a lot that was new there.

The grilled cheese recipes are from Everyday Food this month I think. I still can’t fold a fitted sheet. And I didn’t quite understand the instructions. Having a swap out was cheating – I really wanted to see her do it and I don’t feel like I did. The crafting was a chance for her to hawk her products.

So I enjoyed the show but was hoping for just a little more of an in depth interview.

Did anyone else catch it?

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