Martha Mondays: Turkey Burgers

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Thanks to Pru at Perfecting Pru for this week’s pick. I like turkey burgers, but find that they can be dry unless you really doctor them up by putting stuff in them. I was intrigued by this recipe – sour cream and mango chutney seemed like interesting additions!

I had a hard time finding mango chutney. In England it’s pretty popular, but not here! I finally stumbled upon a lone bottle in the European foods section. The only kind my store had was “hot”.

This was easy to mix up. It also includes some ripped up bread which was sort of an interesting addition as well. I froze the burgers and then cooked them in the oven as directed. I served them on whole wheat rolls with some mayo and lettuce.

These were good and the family liked them. I wasn’t too wild about the chutney. I used only half of the amount directed because I was afraid of it being too spicy. This tasted a lot like a coronation chicken sandwich I had at a rest stop on the highway in England and I wasn’t too wild about that sandwich either! The mango chutney is a flavor that is unfamiliar to me.

I ate the leftover burger the next day and put some sliced avocado on the roll and melted some Swiss cheese on it and it was much better. Somehow I didn’t taste the chutney as much and I liked it a lot more.

I don’t think I would use mango chutney again, but the sour cream and bread were interesting additions which I will use again, so this was a good recipe since it taught me those two tricks!

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