Martha Mondays: Marinated Steak

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Thanks to Sara at Sassy Suppers for today’s pick, marinated steak from Sept Living. This is a Lucinda recipe (I heart Lucinda – her new show on Hallmark starts today; I will be tuning in!). The article offered two marinades – Mediterranean or Latin. I made the Mediterranean. The idea behind this is to buy an inexpensive cut of meat (I bought flank) and marinate it to tenderize it. I love the idea of this, but have to tell you I have a bad memory of this! We had dinner with some people once years ago and the wife told me she did just this – however she marinated her steak in a wooden bowl. She showed me the bowl and it was old and worn – not even sealed with anything. Eeek. I had a few nibbles, but was terrified of food poisoning, so I didn’t eat much and whenever I think of marinating flank steak, I think of her and wonder that she is still alive.

I got past that bad memory and trusted Lucinda (and used a glass dish for mine). The marinade was very easy – 4 smashed garlic cloves, olive oil, rosemary, vinegar and salt and pepper and a tsp of sugar. That’s it. I marinated my steak for about 10 hours. Then I grilled it.It grilled quickly too since it was so thin. Lucinda said about 4 minutes a side and that was exactly right (I appreciated that direction because I am usually at the grill with a knife, trying to peek inside meat to see if it’s cooked).

This turned out perfectly. The steak was not tough and the marinade gave it a great flavor. I had leftovers, so I used them to make little philly steak sandwiches with some onions and cheese the next day. Yummy. I still love filet, but Lucinda has convinced me flank steak is doable.

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