Martha Mondays: Clam Chowder

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Thanks to Ana at Sweet Almond Tree for choosing Clam Chowder for this week’s project. I totally screwed mine up though. Sigh. It was a really, really rough week here with a family member mysteriously ill, a dog also sick, and Mr. MarthaAndMe MIA due to a major work crisis. In the middle of this I had two indexes due and two big client projects to write. In between doctor visits, radiology appts, and vet visits, I could barely think straight.

I made this one night thinking it would be a nice warm comfort food that people could just reheat as necessary through the week. I have a clam chowder recipe that is very similar to this one which I got from a Nantucket cookbook and I love it. That recipe tells me how much clam meat to use and I use frozen clams. Martha’s recipe says to use 8 lbs of clams in the shell. I wasn’t about to shuck clams for this so I used frozen clams again. I wasn’t thinking about the size of the recipe though and used an entire one pound bag of frozen clams. It was WAY too clammy.

I ended up adding lots more milk and some cream to this and then I thickened it with some flour since I had to add so much more liquid. It was still too clammy. And it was kind of an unappetizing gray color. Ugh. I ate some. Mr. MarthaAndMe (who just loves clams) ate some but that was about it. I’ve got lots left but it’s really just not very good. I can’t blame Martha for this at all – if I had used maybe half that amount of clams this would have been good.

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