Martha Mondays: Caramel Chocolate Cake

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Martha Mondays is back and we’ve retooled it a bit. We’ll now be making a recipe the first Monday of each month and it will be a somewhat challenging or interesting recipe. We welcome new members, so if you would like to participate let me know.

This month’s recipe is Caramel Chocolate Cake, chosen by Megan’s Cookin’.

You make this on a jelly roll pan, then cut it in half and layer it with the buttercream frosting. I found it a bit hard to maneuver around. The cake was too big for any platter I had and it wanted to break when I lifted it. I ended up using a cutting board to transfer it and to serve it.

I also had some trouble with the frosting. Mine was pretty runny. I should have refrigerated it before I tried to assemble it. I eventually got it together and we enjoyed this cake very much! The cake is moist and delicious. The frosting has WAY too much butter in it (a whole pound) and I thought it was a bit light on the caramel flavor, but it was still good. I did not make little spiderwebs on the top like you are supposed to: cake decorating is just not my thing.  I liked this cake a lot though and would probably make it again with a different icing, and in a different pan.

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