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mondaysThis week’s Martha Mondays was chosen by AquaSunday – thanks for the pick! Apple Tart, from November Living was the pick. This is a quick version of an apple pie since it uses puff pastry. You have to roll out the puff pastry first to Martha’s specs. Mine stuck a bit to the counter despite the flour. You cut off an inch around the edge and layer that along the side to create crust. The tart has a layer of applesauce, apple tartthen Granny Smith apples which are brushed with butter and sanded with sugar. I added quite a lot of sugar because I do not like my apple tarts tart! I also sprinkled on some cinnamon, because I think that’s necessary too.

You bake this at 400 for 20 minutes – Martha says until the edges puff. Yikes! I should have checked mine sooner. At 20 min, my edges were dark brown. I had to cover them with foil for the next round of baking at 375 – until the apples are golden. When this comes out, you brush with apricot jam mixed with water and dust with powdered sugar. It looked very pretty I thought and apple tart2it was very easy to make compared to a pie.

As for taste, I didn’t like it. I thought it was very sour. I dumped some more powdered sugar on top, but even then I didn’t care for it. The kids ate theirs though (and Dude Martha had more for breakfast this morning). Mr. MarthaAndMe didn’t care for it much either. I did like the puff pastry and it did look very nice. So if I made it again, I would use a different kind of apple that is not so tart and lots more sugar. Then I think it would be very good.

Did you try this? If so, please post a link or let us know how it went, and try to visit everyone’s posts! If you would like to join Martha Mondays, let me know via comment or email.

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