Martha Mondays: 10-3

Posted by Brette in Food

Sassy Suppers’ pick for Monday is Baked Apple Wedges. Sounds yummy and I promise I will be making it  (see previous post for why I missed this week).

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2 Responses

  • I just can’t picture tasting it. It seems a little weird, no? Let me know if you make it!! It’s certainly easy. I just made the easiest apple cake (it’s Rosh Hashonah tomorrow evening). It’s in the oven now. It’s a 1973 NY Times Magazine section recipe that Amanda Hesser raved over and had a chef remake it in a contemporary fashion. If you can find it on their site, both versions sound fab! I’ll let you know after we eat it. And to anyone who celebrates, have a sweet and healthy new year.

  • That cake sounds good. I have one I make, that I adapted for The Muffin Tin Cookbook!