March Cookie of the Month

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The Martha Stewart Living Cookie of the Month for March is Oatmeal Cookies with Dried Apricots and White Chocolate (that’s a mouthful). Since I am writing a book about the history of cookies, this sparked my interest.

These are easy to make – your basic oatmeal cookie, except you add chopped apricots and chopped white chocolate. They baked up nicely and kept their shape, which is always a pleasant ending. As always, they took longer in my oven and as usual I switched over to convection when I got impatient!

white-choc-oatMr. MarthaandMe is the white chocolate lover in this house, so I will give you his verdict: thumbs up. He liked the apricots and said it was “like raisins, but not”.

Confession time  – I siphoned off part of the batter and made it with just chocolate chips (no apricots or white chocolate) and it was very, very yummy. These cookies are crunchy outside and soft on the inside. Very, very good.

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  • Sissy says:

    since you’re a “cookie person” (!!) — do you have a butter pecan cookie recipe? some years ago, when i lived in phoenix, the k-marts sold ‘gourmet cookies’ at their snack bars (maybe they still do?!) — i used to get these REALLY YUMMY butter pecan cookies there that were totally addicting, and i’d love to make them.
    also, in that vein, i’d also like a recipe for the oatmeal raisin cookies Subway sells! any thoughts? thanks so much — i really enjoy this blog!

  • From what I’ve found online, it appears Subway buys the dough from Otis Spunkmeyer. My school sells that as a fundraiser, so you might be able to get it that way. I’ve never had Subway cookies, so I don’t know how to replicate them.

    My husband would be thrilled to read you used to eat KMart b/c his family used to also, back when KMart had a little cafeteria. I’ll find my butter pecan recipe and post it.