Lemon-Zucchini Cornmeal Cookies

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zuke cookie2Yes, zucchini cookies. Really. I was a little leery myself, even though I have a fab zuke cake recipe. I couldn’t help wondering about zucchini in cookies though. So I had to give this recipe a go. It’s from September Martha Stewart Everyday Food (follow the link above for the recipe).

You start by creaming butter and powdered sugar (interesting to use powdered sugar). Then you add vanilla, lemon zest and salt. No egg or leavening! Add your flour and cornmeal (I had some frozen from the historical Jenney Grist Mill we visited in Plymouth, MA). Then add the grated zucchini. This was one of those recipes that didn’t seem like it was going to come together. I ended up smushing the dough up with my hands to get it to hold together.  It’s a little weird to have cookie dough with zucchini in it for sure. You definitely do not want to lick the beaters or the bowl because raw zucchini totally ruins it!

I baked it up and they came out quite nicely. Mine did not really spread on the cookie sheets very much and stayed rather round and thick. As always, they took longer to bake than Martha said.

I was dying to try them and popped one in my mouth when it was too hot (ouch) and was surprised at how good they are! They are crunchy and lemony and you would never know there was zucchini in it if you didn’t see the green flecks.

Now I knew the kids would turn their noses up at this, so I was a bit sneaky. I gave them each one to try (including Teen Martha’s boyfriend who I think eats nothing green, ever) without saying what it was. Everyone said they liked it, until I told them what it was, then they refused to eat any more! I liked them though and have probably snacked on a few too many since I am able to lie to myself and say “it’s just vegetables!” These cookies are really good and if you don’t tell anyone what’s in them, they will be a hit!

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